5×5 workshop

5×5 videos are great way to explore editing video. A simple set of creative limitations allows you to focus on the really important things in video; composition, structure and movement. Five videos of exactly five seconds in length are edited together to create a 25 second long video. The end result is a short digestible video clip that is easy to share and showcase your work as an image creator.

5×5’s are  a great opportunity to explore a theme or particular idea. Some examples might be motion, light, waiting or perhaps the theme for this years Photofest “the edge” could be explored.

Editing Tools:
iMovie: if you bought a mac in the last few years this comes included. It’s a great tool for some basic video editing.

Photoshop: yes you can edit video in Photoshop! Check out the Animation window and Video Layers.


Below are a few examples from the 5 vignettes group on Vimeo.


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