inCamera is an ongoing live cinema performance project that uses video sampling and live audio mixing to create ephemeral digital media experiences. Each performance starts with a blank canvas of imagery. Objects are sampled using photographic equipment to create video clips. the video is reassembled and combined to create an evolving and dynamic visual tapestry. Audience members can incorporate their own objects into the performance and become part of the project.

This work was most recently performed at the Georgia O’keeffe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico as part of their first Friday art events. 


First Friday Performance at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM

Documentation from the Re•Active event in Wellington New Zealand in 2008. During a performance of inCamera, content is gathered with a video camera and various light sources. Items are requested from the audience to be sampled into the live cinematic experience . Audio is created using a Electribe ES 1 audio sampling sequencer which also acts as a video controller.

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